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Studio user schemes

Setting up a studio is expensive business. A wallet-friendly option is available to support the pursue of your glass craft. We provide space with facilities without having you to worry about equipment investment and maintenance.

As a studio user, you will benefit from access to the necessary equipment you have been trained in to create your art works in a designated user area and have the flexibility to buy the type of glass that you like. Glass materials and firing services are not inclusive in this scheme.

Develop your craft in a conducive and creative space in the midst of greenery without having to worry about equipment investment and maintenance.

Our studio facilities supplies and services include:

  • Bettle Bits Cutting system, glass cutter, running pliers and dedicated workspace

  • Small Coldworking tools and equipment (grinder, diamond sanding pads etc)

  • Motorized Special Glass Machines (tile cutter, lapidiary wheel, sanding belt system, Gem polisher)

  • Wide range of Bullseye Glass sheets, frits, rods, stringers,confeti, glass trailing pens, and kiln accessories available for sale

  • Firing services (chargeable) available


If you have completed the following and are assessed by our studio to be able to work independently:

  • 1 glass cutting class

  • 2 projects

  • 1 Using Special Glass Machines



We offer different schemes to suit your needs. For users who would like to do 1-2 sessions a week, a 20-hour term pass will serve your needs. However if your work is often spurred by immediate inspiration, you can book into our studio as a one-time user. Glass materials and firing not included.


1. One-off User Scheme

$18/hour, minimum booking at $36 (2 hours in one sitting)


2. 10 hours Regular User Scheme (8 weeks validity period)

$120 ($12 per hour)

3. 20 hours Regular User Scheme (8 weeks validity period)

$220 ($11 per hour)

4.40 hours Regular User Scheme (12 weeks validity period)

$330 ($8.25 per hour)




  • Period of validity: Strictly not extendable.

  • Use of equipment: All users need to have prior knowledge in using the available glass facilities. Studio manager has sole discretion to refuse usage of any part or all of the facilities at any time due to safety, competency, non-availability or any other reasons. 

  • Studio user is expected to work independently and unsupervised.

  • Users are expected to clock in upon stepping into the studio and clock out when they leave. In the event of any non-compliance, the studio reserves the right to terminate your use without any advance notice, refund or compensation. 

  • This scheme is only eligible for 18 years and above. However exception may be allowed based on assessment by the studio manager.

  • Full studio user rates apply to participants 18 years and below. Non-user companions are not allowed in the user area due to safety reasons.
    Uner-18 participants may need to be accompanied by guardian/adult as required by the studio at all times

  • Use of studio area is limited to areas approved and granted to the specific studio user. In the event of infringement of usage, management reserves the right to terminate the rights to studio use without compensation or refund. Studio user shall be responsible for any damage/injury caused by the studio user to the property of the studio and that belonging other persons within the premises of the studio. Studio user shall also be responsible for his own property and safety.

  • Liability Release. We consider your booking/usage of our studio as acceptance of the terms and conditions here and you also agree to release the management of claims arising from injuries/damages arising from the use of equipment and space.

Booking of Studio

  • User is required to book in advance to secure a working space at least 2 working days before planned usage date by emailing the studio at Booking is firm only when confirmed by the studio.


Studio User hours:

  • Tuesday to Sunday (except Monday Public Holidays when the studio is closed): 9am to 6pm.

  • If you need to purchase materials, it is advisable to email to order materials in advance of your planned usage of the user pass to ensure you have materials

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