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Painting with Glass Frits (4hours/$160)

Frit Painting is the technique of using various sized frits/grains of glass to compose a painting.

You will learn how to:

1) Design and plan for a 15cm x 15cm glass design

2) Aseemble and apply frits and cut glass pieces

Package includes:

1) 15cm x 15cm glass, glass frits and firing

2) option to slump glass painting into a plate ($40 additional)

3) post class purchases at 20% off


For some inspiration, click here!

“Kilncarving” is a term coined at Bullseye to describe a simple process for achieving low relief, textured or sculpted surfaces in kiln-formed glass.

Eligibility: min 1 basic class (glass cutting)

What you will learn:

In this lesson you will learn how to create a kilncarving design using ceramic fiber paper and fitted to a selected mould.

Glass artist will explore various layout options and design considerations. 

Learn how this is fired and then slumped into a plate.

You will learn how to manipulate glass at the various temperatures used in this basic forming method.

Project work: Includes 15cm x 15cm slump plate.

Choices available for additional glassworks: 

1) 15cm x 15cm Square Dish $40

2) 23cmc x 23cm Concave Square Platter $60

3) 25cm x 25cm Square Dish $70

4) 12.5cm x 43cm Long Tray $70

5) 24cm x 35cm Concave Platter Dish $100

6) 40cm x 40cm Large Round Bowl $160

7) 46cm x 46cm Giant Square Plate $160

Examples of kiln carved glassworks (please click here)


Every 1st Sat of the month

Every 2nd Sunday of the month 

min. no of people to start: 2

After class offer: 20% off supplies and firing

Pate de Verre Bowl (3 hours/$160)

Pâte de verre is a casting method that involves hand-packing layers of glass in a refractory mold. In French, the term literally means “paste of glass.” You can use this method to make a variety of forms. These include vessels, sculptural pieces, and textured panels.

In this lesson, we'll demonstrate the basic techniques of pâte de verre by making this color-fade bowl. You'll learn how to pack the mold with fine frit to achieve a color-fade. We'll also cover considerations for firing the piece and how to divest it from the mold.


Every 2nd Thurs/Sat of the month 

min. no of people to start: 2

Making Special Glass Patterns (3hours/$160)

Making unique surface patterns (also called Part Sheets) is an integrate part of fused glass Art. 
Explore further how to use frits, stringers, glass shapes, confetti to create unique patterns. Learn about Reactive Potentials with Bullseye Glass.

You will discover new ways of creating unique patterns that best expresses your aesthetic sense.

These unique patterns can then be used to create a signature mark on your glassworks.

Make 8 pieces of 8cm x 20cm part sheets.

Additional piece at $15 each


Every 4th Thur/Sun of the month

27 July (Thurs) 10am - 1pm, 30 July (Sun) 2pm - 5pm

24 Aug (Thurs) 10am - 1pm, 27 Aug (Sun) 2pm - 5pm

28 Sept (Thurs) 10am - 1pm, 1 Oct (Sun) 2pm - 5pm

26 Oct (Thurs) 10am - 1pm, 29 Oct (Sun) 2pm - 5pm

30 Nov (Thurs) 10am - 1pm, 3 Dec (Sun) 2pm - 5pm

min. no of people to start: 2

The Art of Making Glass Jewellery (2days/7hours/$780)

The craft of making glass jewellery is about finding an aesthetic style that speaks of your style. 

In this 2 sessions of 7 hours, you will dive into plenty of hands-on experience. 

You will acquire the basic fundamental skills in creating your own glass jewellery line.

You will:

1) explore various glass materials such as frits, confetti, stringers and even murine glass to add a touch of uniqueness to your work.

2) acquire hands-on knowledge of how to creatively use clear, coloured, textured and dichroic glass.

3) learn how to use non glass materials such as foil and sand to add accents to your work

4) learn how to use heat to control the outcomes of your fired glass piece.

5) learn the basic hand finishing techniques (coldworking) and fixing of bails techniques.


Basic glass cutting class


Third Thurs of the month, 10am - 4pm, 4th Thurs of the month 2pm - 4pm.

20 July 10am - 4pm, 27 July 2pm - 4pm

24 Aug 10am - 4pm, 31 Aug 2pm - 4pm
21 Sep 10am - 4pm, 28 Sep 2pm - 4pm

19 Oct 10am - 4pm, 26 Oct 2pm - 4pm

23 Nov 10am - 4pm, 30 Nov 2pm - 4pm

Package Includes:

1) varied bulleseye glass materials to make 30 pendants

2) inclusive of 10 hours studio access pass (worth $120)

3) 20% off all supplies and firing - post class promotional package

4) prices are inclusive of 7% gst

Participants are strongly encouraged to take up:

1) 'Making Special Glass Patterns' Sessions to add variety to their designs (3 hours/$160)

2) 'Refining Glass Jewellery with Machining Techniques' (3 hours/$380)

Refining Glass Jewellery with Machining Techniques (3hours/$380)

Learn the technique of using glass machines to cut, trim, profile edges of glass pieces.

You will learn how to:

use the trim saw, the lapdiary wheel, sanding belt machine, gem polishing maches

learn how to use the drill to make holes in glass pieces.

Package includes:

1) safety equipment and all consumables for machine work.

2) Hands on experience on how to set up and use machines.

3) Issue of certificate of eligibility as studio access and cold working room access (studio access pass required)

4) 20% Student discount for all materials purchase at the end of the programme (limited time only)

Glass Instructor and Artist Course (Sept/Oct 3 + 2 day workshop $3500 (gst inclusive)

This is a custom programmed aimed at developing competence in the follow areas.

1) Materials planning and glass sheets cutting techniques

2) Making Part Sheets, creating unique glass designs

3) Kiln Carving Techniques

4) Understanding Heat and working with Glass Furnaces

5) Using Heat to create specific outcomes

6) Coldworking equipment and processes

You will be develop basis competence to plan and execute your glass projects and teach

basic glass fusing classes.

Course includes: Trainers’ Manual and firing charts and tips. Glass Materials worth $550,

Firing of works (3 kiln loads – large kiln $450) (custom glass and firing for Studio day Project

work) Theory Develop and learning of basic skills Projects: 10 designer partsheets, 4 glass

coasters, 1 sushi plate, 1 large kiln carved bowl (or similar sized form)

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Painting with Frit
Pate de Verre
Making Special Glass Patterns
The art of making glass jewellery
Refining Glass Jewellery with Machining Techniques (3hours/$380)
Glass Instructor Artist Course
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