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About Us

Goodman Glass Studio is a teaching art studio dedicated to the craft of Fused Glass Art. The studio is equipped with the necessary equipment and a good range of Bullseye Glass glass supplies. It has dedicated user studio space open to enthisiasts, the serious hobbyist and artists of different levels to practise their craft.

The space is equipped with specialized glass cutting equipment such as the Beetle Bits Cutter, German quality glass cutting equipment and 3 glass kilns.

“The array of design forms presented by the many types of materials make possible an infinite range of expressions.

The trainers are highly trained and skilled in their craft'.

Samantha Chew


Bullseye Glass Co. is a leader in promoting glass art worldwide through quality production of colored glass for art and architecture, research and education, and the exhibition of innovative glass art in its galleries.

What is glass? (video)


Hazel Wong

Hazel Wong is an established ceramic muralist and certified educator. She writes innovative fused glass programmes for both children and adults. She is passionate about bringing art to the community through community engagement programmes such as Basic Fused Glass programmes supported by NAC under the Wecare Arts Fund and directing a programme with KPMG since 2015.

Trained at Bullseye Resource Centre at Portland USA, glass has now become an integral part of her artistic work. / 94558405


Qualified Glass Trainers

We welcome qualified trainers to teach at our studio. If you have at least 2 years of teaching experience and a good background in fused glass art, please email your CV to:

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