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  • How do I book?
    Please book through our booking portal Look under 'fused glass classes'. For special class such as instructor course, please email to to register your interest.
  • Who is bullseye glass and what is the main focus of your studio?
    Bulleye glass ( is the largest supplier of Art and Architectural Glass. They are also the leading centre for fused glass art education. You can find out more by going to to learn more about use and application of art glass into your artistic practice.
  • I am interested. Where do I start?
    You can sign up for the one-session Mosiac Glass Art, or Explore Mosaic Glass Art Class to get a sense of the glass process and take the opportunity to find our more about current classes.
  • After I already know the basics, how do I further my glass craft? "
    Goodman Glass Studio is set up as a studio to help you in developing your skills and providing the necessary quality glass materials (sheet glass, frits, rods, accessories) as well as dedicated glass furnaces/kilns. Upon completing your basic certifying classes, you can purchase a glass studio access pass (10, 20 and 40 hours) to continue to practice your Glass Art. Enquire with or call 6341 6351.
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