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Creative Process  of  Teamwork

Principals Group
Principals Group 1
Principals Group 2
Exquisite materials
Can you guess the meaning?
Assembling a vibrant piece of Art
Tree of Life
A True Teamwork
Putting the finishing Touches
Being delicate with the glass
Presenting your Point
Explaining your Piece
Group Photo
Fired works
Assembled Design and Fired
Fired works

Creating a successful Signature Glass Art takes a team's effort to design, cut and assemble.

Participants work in groups to create a unique representation of their concept.

The works can be either full fused to a flat surface or with a relief texture quality.

7 - 20 paxes $ 120 p.p.

21- 30 paxes $ 110 p.p.

31 and above $ 100 p.p.

(we are supportive of non-profit organisations. Write to us for a supportive rate to support your good work!)

Option for delivery $50 - 80 

provision of studio space for briefing/talks and professional PA system and projectors.

Our clients include:


Aviva Pte Ltd

MOE W3 Cluster (principals and vice principals Group)

Presentation Option:

1) wall installation with LED light or

2) slumped into a display plate/platter.

    Additional cost applies

Programme options 

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